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Coming Next

 A series of books.

 The first of which will centre around one house, its many occupants and uses for a period of more than 200 years. 

 When the land surrounding this house is eventually sold off in 1937 and a new street and houses are built, the successive novels will follow the lives of this new street's occupants.  

 These books will span a further 4 decades and include real life dramas and a mystery which will have developed throughout the series, culminating in the final book.

 Available 4th January 2022


A compelling novel, set across three decades, connecting an array of characters who will all become the innocent victims of the most atrocious crimes.


As the characters are drawn into a web of deception, the situation spirals out of control. Some will not survive, others will be abused, but all of them will be horrendously deceived by someone they thought they could trust. And will the ones who survive ever be able to come to terms with what they have been subjected to?


Sarah Lysaght skilfully takes the reader on an emotional journey, animating her characters and bringing the pages to life with her detailed descriptions as the tragic story unfolds.


Drowned by Deceit will have you riveted throughout, with a shocking end that will leave you speculating and wanting to read its sequel for answers. 



 Available 4th January 2022


 A compelling novel, the sequel to Drowned by Deceit describes how, over three decades, an array of characters become the victims of the most heinous crimes.


On the surface Fred appears to be the perfect gentleman. He is charming, irresistible and persuasive, especially with women. Almost everyone likes him. But Fred has an aspect to his personality he manages to keep hidden most of the time. Only the specially selected get to see this version of Fred, and they are his victims.

Fred consistently abuses his trust, destroying the lives of those around him and leaving a trail of lies and deceit in his wake. 


Reacquaint yourself with the familiar characters as Sarah Lysaght tells the story from Fred’s perspective. As with its prequel, Trail of Destruction takes you on a gripping emotional journey, and with an unexpected twist, you will be captivated till the very last page.




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ISBN 978-0-957 1850-0-5


37 Downing Street is the compelling story of life ”above the shop” in a small English town. During a time of uncertainty and changing attitudes 37 Downing Street chronicles a family’s history from the last years of Queen Victoria’s reign to 1930s Britain.

Edwin and Mary meet by chance and fall in love in the summer of 1889 but neither could have foreseen the challenges ahead. Edwin is a bricklayer’s labourer but he is ambitious and unwilling to follow in the humble footsteps of this father. In search of well-paid work to support his bride-to-be he travels to the Isle of Wight but fate intervenes and he grasps the opportunity to learn a new trade with good prospects before returning to set himself up in Farnham as a high class fishmonger. As Edwin’s business flourishes so he rises from a poor labourer’s son to a respected and well-liked member of the community.

To the townsfolk of Farnham, Edwin’s large family seem to be enjoying life, but beneath the veneer of success things are not always as they might appear and the family endures many trials and tribulations over the years culminating in a challenge that threatens their future. Will Edwin have the strength to hold his family together as tragedy strikes?



 ISBN 978-0-957 1850-1-2 


It is the summer of 1944, the Second World War is in full swing and George’s workload is larger than ever. He tries to ignore the warning signs but one day he is suddenly taken seriously ill. Although sixty-eight years old, George is not prepared for this and it’s a shock to him that he must stop working. Left most days with only his thoughts for company, he takes pleasure in looking back over all the things he’s done in his life.

From a childhood growing up in Cheltenham, where he discovered the truth about his father’s tragic death, George went on to join the army and play a role during the Boer War. Decades later he reminisces about his army canteen career, his time in the military police and how fate brought him to Farnham, where he married and raised a large family.

His only desire now is to get back to his job of NAAFI inspector, which he has enjoyed for the past thirty years. But will he ever be well again? And will he get to see the end of this war? Or will time simply run out for George?



ISBN  978-0-957 1850-2-9


This story concerns five generations of the Bradshaw family, who had firm connections with the Manchester area. Across very different time periods we encounter five exceptional men and their families, whose lives together span more than 200 years, and discover how varied, yet similar, those lives could be. Theirs is a history filled with many twists and turns, changes and developments.

The Bradshaw family lived and worked in and around Manchester for many years. In the early days they worked hard to make a living, later generations benefiting from inherited wealth. Described throughout a number of generations as landed genrty, the family would exhibit great wealth, some airs and graces, a little influence, but no title. They made their fortune through good decisions and sound investments.

As with most families, some members achieved happier lives than others, some benefiting from adventure while others were associated with scandal. This is their story and how the recent history of Manchester played an important role in touching all of their lives.



37 Downing Street: A Farnham Family Saga

 This is the best family history book I have ever read. A lot of research as gone into this by the author. I live about 3 miles from Farnham and know Downing Street very well as I shop there sometimes. I enjoyed it very much and tried very hard to read it slowly! Jennie

A Fabulous debut novel. A heart-warming story about a family based on facts which grabs your interest immediately. You become attached to the characters and eager to discover more about their lives. A fascinating read which you won’t be able to put down. Amazon customer

Good read. Great price. Nanette Clark

Some enjoyable insights into the shops and businesses of old Farnham. OPC

An excellent family story with some sadness, but similarly there have to be some sad times in all family histories. 

D Harrington


Loyalty on the Home Sweet Home Front 


Great Read Very interesting factual read. Fascinating to discover what life during WW2 was really like. Well recommended. Sally Hodgson

This is a real page turner, and I couldn’t put it down! The character of George is written with real empathy and attention to detail, you find yourself travelling through time as he reminisces. This is a must read for anyone interested in social and family history. NJ Clifford

Fascinating historical narrative. If you enjoy reading about historical facts in a narrative form then you will enjoy immersing yourself into the life of this family. Highly recommended. Amazon customer

Many interesting facts about World War One are included within the novel. I learnt a lot about family life during WW2. Katherine

 Another cracking read.... The author steps right into 1944 providing a living insight into life at the time. She also takes you on a trip back with the main character through his adventures and thoughts as to how he got to where he is. Fascinating narrative and well worth a view by anyone interested in historical novels. TL

The Manchester Bradshaws

Interesting. Loved learning about the family through the ages. Kim


Blending the story of family life with local history and the events of the day. Sarah’s narrative draws you in and keeps the reader engaged throughout. N Clifford

A gripping read based on true events. Coming from this area myself I found it fascinating reading how it had changed through the years. Based on the lives of a real family you are compelled to turn the pages and discover more about their lives through the years. Amazon customer

Very interesting to follow these families through the years, especially as I can relate to many of the areas described. It's a great read. SH

An excellent book, lots of detail and well researched. Even though I live in Bedfordshire. DBLH





You can order Sarah's novels through any good book store using the ISBN or through the Amazon website.

These books are now available on Kindle.

Sarah Lysaght lives in Cheshire with her husband and three adult children. A lifelong interest in history led her to research her own family’s ancestry which gave her the inspiration for her first  novel, 37 Downing Street, which was released March 2012.

In July 2014 she completed her second novel called Loyalty on the Home Sweet Home Front.

Sarah's third novel, The Manchester Bradshaws - A family through time was released on 30th April 2018. 

Sarah takes part in Author Signing Events and enjoys meeting her supporters. 

During 2020 and 2021 lockdowns Sarah completed two new novels which will be available January 4th 2022.

You can contact Sarah with your comments and reviews on


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